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I'm sorry. I couldn't resist a little Starlestia shipping. XP
safe1585246 edit119454 edited screencap57181 screencap206052 lord tirek4855 princess celestia89745 princess luna94168 queen chrysalis32683 starlight glimmer44549 alicorn199303 centaur2665 changeling41195 changeling queen12825 pony855462 unicorn273323 the ending of the end2232 leak1508 bitch144 female1184990 impact font1386 implied starlestia1 lesbian90413 mare426388 shipping184377 starlestia34 this is for emphasis bitch19 vulgar19410 waifu1223


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Since Twilight is pretty much part of Celestias family, it's not to far a stretch to think Starlight is part of it to.
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