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Scootaloo’s wings are still the same size even as an grow-up. I guess she’s going to do this now every time she flies. XD

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Background Pony #9BA6
Saw the episode in the Dutch dub (because I can understand Dutch).
My mind went into some really dark places when this part came up.
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Mellow Rhythm
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Okay then.

Still not the most horrible thing ever. It’s good to have a cool character in the show living her life with a disability. It will give viewers hope for themselves. Like I said on another related image post, I’ll bet Scootaloo still is skilled at her scooter and probably performs stunts with it on the side. She still turned out well
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Wait?? They’ve grown up here, but in episode 23 they’re still kids. That "kinda" doesn’t add up does it? Unless this is only a temporary change.
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