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safe (1409628)screencap (169790)li'l cheese (31)pinkie pie (186909)spike (67091)the last problem (461)leak (1725)spoiler:s09e26 (489)all is well (2)candy (4886)claws (3759)dragon (36042)earth pony (142574)female (743130)filly (49288)folded wings (3105)food (49716)grin (27392)holding (1841)like mother like daughter (220)lollipop (1912)looking at each other (12171)male (251828)mare (325343)mother (1920)mother and daughter (4072)older (17438)older pinkie (37)older spike (3469)pony (675073)poofy mane (26)raised eyebrow (5249)rubber duck (383)smiling (179367)sprinkles (243)throne room (676)winged spike (5083)wings (50946)

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Background Pony #D731
Ponkers is finally a mother. The silly, spontaneous, clown of the mane 6 had to become pregnant to give offspring.
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My crush on Octavia~
Wait, what am I looking at here? This is no longer the "My little pony" as it once was. Except the wonderful fact that Lyrabon are married. Everything else about this finale is really nonsense. R.I.P MLP G4. Sadly soon comes G5…
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le grand rêveur

In fact we see cheese sandwich and pinkie pie together a few minutes later on a giant gummy.

(I believe in the final, that it is the only couple among the Mane 6 that is found the way to have children.)
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le grand rêveur
the disappointment is that this is the only next generation confirm with sugarmac.
for others we know nothing. ( discochy is a couple to watch)

in conclusion they introduced us some older character with 2 next generation without risking to present couples that we already know as: cheesepie; starburst; yonabar; lyrabon ( which is probably the first lesbian couple since it is on the big page in newspapers)
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Background Pony #F4C0
Honestly, I would love a new G4 show that took place after this time skip. I mean, they’ve set up a load of new characters, given interesting futures to everyone we’ve known, and I feel there’s overall a lot to explore in this "Post-FiM" timeline.

But sadly, with G5 being a thing, that’s highly unlikely.
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I’m loving this, I just wish we could have spent an episode with her. There’s been an episode or two along the way that I would have traded for that. Such is life.
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