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Quick pastel sketches!

I would love to finish and render them, but I have so many other ideas, so I don’t know if can make it. They look cute like this anyway.
safe (1412663)artist:kirinit (51)derpy hooves (45654)fluttershy (182157)backless (533)backwards virgin killer sweater (12)blushing (151627)butt (7751)chest fluff (25203)clothes (350357)crotchboobs (15871)cute (145199)cutie mark (32959)dock (37295)earth pony (143440)female (746005)looking at you (118342)mare (327186)nudity (290911)open-back sweater (461)pastel (254)pegasus (183231)plot (64183)pony (677376)quartet (313)simple background (286348)sitting (45383)sketch (52680)sketch dump (2418)sleeveless sweater (491)standing (8065)sweater (11398)sweatershy (2865)virgin killer sweater (459)wings (51285)


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