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I told you those writers were Pinkie Pie haters! First they don’t give her an episode in the entire first half of the final season, and now, they’re not giving her any speaking roles for like, a lot of episodes in a row!
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From "The Ending of the End – Part 2"…
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Eclipsed Flame
Pinkie is the most overrated Wym? She was practically the second main character in the movie, tons of episodes are dedicated to her, she’s pretty much always portrayed as the closest to twilight, and the merchandise is bombarded with her.
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yeah man the writers hate Pinkie so much they’ve given her like what 3 episodes this season? meanwhile Rarity doesn’t get a real solo episode in the final season and didn’t have one in Season 8 ether…
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Background Pony #768A
Oh, there will be a song in this episode? Cool! (except for the part they misspelled Arielle Tuliao’s name)
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