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This episode was so fun!
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Necromancer of Threads
People are arguing here and I’m just glad they gave Double Diamond, Night Glider, and Party Favor one last appearance before the show ends.
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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

As a being whose sole existence stems from the prolonging of ship ambiguity so long as it stimulates further shipping wars…

I gotta say this is fucking lovely. Sure it’s not Fleetfoot and there appears to be no hint of Sweetcream Scoops gunning for Sugars head, but I’m okay with this regardless.
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Background Pony #105A
deep breath

Ships don’t die.

They can be denied by canon, yes, but in the realm of fandom, anything goes.

People are still shipping Zutura.

People are still shipping Harry/Hermione.

People are still shipping Shining Armour with other ponies for crying out loud.

People are free to imagine whatever they want. Canon doesn’t do shit to stop us, so quit being assholes. (BTW, you clearly have learned nothing from watching nine seasons of a show called "FRIENDSHIP Is Magic".)
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Shooting Star 4878

If he doesn’t throws the bouquet, everyone will win, shippers and haters.
Those scenes where Discord helps Fluttershy with the animals and brings her lunch are a hint of shipping for the most desperate shippers. For me, are just like a ’take it as you want, now get lost and don’t bother me again."
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Copper Knight
@Wild Stallions
As I pointed out, there are hints that Cheerilee and Big Mac had a thing in the past. Him checking her out goes with a hinted past relationship. As for the Ponytones – the fact that she didn’t realize it wasn’t Big Mac tells us how close those two actually are.

And what about Marble’s reaction? She had heartbreak. There end of story. She gets over it. End of part 2. We know she gets over it or deals with it or whatever because she spends the rest of the holiday acting normal. We don’t need anything else.
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Wild Stallions

@Copper Knight
@Wild Stallions
The Ponytones was the only actual "hint" after that and that was a long time ago. Not to mention, it wasn’t even Big Mac’s actual voice….

But Cheerilee didn’t know that.

They also had Big Mac checking out Cheerilee in the Where The Apple Lies flashback. I think that was intended as a foreshadowing of their future relationship.

And how about Marble’s reaction in the Best Gift Ever special?
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Copper Knight
@Wild Stallions
….So wait, the two can’t hang out as friends after the Love Potion even though that’s literally how they end that episode in the first place?

The Ponytones was the only actual "hint" after that and that was a long time ago. Not to mention, it wasn’t even Big Mac’s actual voice….
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Background Pony #C4DA
@Wild Stallions
Maybe they moved one in the time between that. Those moments were so far between I forgot about them. Yes they failed to give a proper explanation why Mac wanted Sugar Belle, but that’s the only strike against it.

Question: where’s Sugar Belle’s family in this?
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