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safe1584020 screencap205766 apple bloom46770 loose tracks50 scootaloo49040 sweetie belle46593 earth pony205018 pegasus246433 pony854576 unicorn272932 growing up is hard to do1326 cutie mark41940 cutie mark crusaders18095 female1181337 i need an adult194 male322426 mare425873 older23363 older apple bloom1739 older cmc341 older scootaloo1731 older sweetie belle1925 out of context4182 scared9414 stallion94055 the cmc's cutie marks4413 you know for kids448


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
"Loose Tracks": This is Hayseed Junction. The train to Appleloosa isn't for a few hours. Ooorr you could set off on hoof.

Uhhh, YEAH! I think I rather wait in this dingy ol' swamp with all the mosquitoes and horseflies biting my a&&, thank you very much…

That is, if he doesn't decide to hang us upside and chop us up into fresh cuts in his underground freezer…
Johnny B. Mediocre
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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psst it's me I'm a horse
Rarity: Just wait until you really get older, Sweetie Belle dear, you'll constantly find yourself at the mercy of uncouth, infatuated stallions with one-track minds whose only desire is to get you in bed as soon as possible.
Sweetie Belle: Yeah, but… is it always gonna be creepy old ponies?
Rarity: Oh, like you wouldn't believe, darling.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I can see Sweetie complaining about this to Rarity, only for Rares to start sharing all her 'war stories' of dealing with horny stallions.
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Background Pony #3C6B
That's right girls, when you pass puberty shit's gon' get real creepy around older men
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