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Fluttershy can’t have cheese.

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High-quality art posted with permission of artist.
questionable (98964)artist:dilarus (1652)angel bunny (8640)applejack (147646)fluttershy (183969)pinkie pie (188863)rainbow dash (203706)rarity (157469)sweetie belle (43786)twilight sparkle (260126)earth pony (147841)pegasus (187624)pony (695162)unicorn (202712)abuse (5498)blushing (153648)book (27029)butt touch (1952)carrot (1690)censored vulgarity (300)cheese (625)cupcake (4367)dashabuse (549)dialogue (50573)facesitting (2571)female (758741)fetish (29560)flutterdash (3987)food (50999)heart (37817)hoof on butt (421)lactose intolerant (11)lesbian (81697)male (257515)mare (334464)monochrome (134393)onomatopoeia (2184)oral (39279)pinkiebuse (399)raribuse (255)sex (93778)shipping (164178)simple background (290385)sweetie belle is a marshmallow too (70)sweetiebuse (193)traditional art (96262)twilybuse (421)vore (12130)vulgar (17971)wat (17561)watermelon (557)white background (72064)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #EB11

I don’t think it was trolling. I see how someone could consider this to be Grimdark and Rainbow Dash’s could be seen as rape. It’s subjective so I could also see how they might not apply.

As for Apple Bloom, it’s an autotag of Applebuse. It was probably added for Applejack without the user realizing that Apple Bloom would be automatically added. And the rest of the tags do fit the image (and you left them).
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