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Ponyville has aged too
safe1637560 screencap213545 aquamarine159 blancmange20 bon bon15881 boysenberry179 chip mint70 derpy hooves49027 diamond tiara9957 first base252 lavender lily8 little red160 lyra heartstrings28709 peach fuzz259 rain catcher70 silver spoon6343 sweetie drops15881 train tracks (character)209 twist2821 earth pony223417 pegasus265308 pony903310 unicorn294593 season 9650 the last problem5269 animated95226 female1303496 flying36124 gif29334 lesbian92972 lyrabon3192 mare448873 older24860 older aquamarine16 older bon bon37 older boysenberry10 older derpy hooves31 older diamond tiara703 older first base15 older little red12 older lyra heartstrings36 older peach fuzz13 older silver spoon604 older train tracks (character)6 older twist104 ponyville5480 walking4388


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Background Pony #FB7C
No ?
She have the same "tired eyes" as the M6 and a different haircut.Per this episode logic,she have aged as well
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