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Page 253 — Hello, Little Friend

It's a tried-and-true DMing method to use images and physical props to increase immersion (or at the very least, understanding) as much as possible. This is where investing hard cash into miniatures and tilesets commonly comes into play, but even something as simple as a print-out of an image you found on Google can help your cause, if it fits the needs of your campaign.

DM: Fluttershy, along with some of her animal friends, are out collecting flowers for the Princess’s welcome tomorrow. You’re just about to finish up with your task when a tiny flying creature pops out from under a rock.
Fluttershy: I hide! It’s harder to attack me when I’m concealed, right??
DM: Uh… sure. Anyway, catch.
Fluttershy: Catch wha- Eek! …What… is this?
DM: It’s exactly what it looks like.
Rainbow Dash: A… stress ball with a smiley face?
Rarity: With glued-on paper wings?
DM: Okay, not EXACTLY what it looks like.
safe1615192 artist:newbiespud1349 edit123027 edited screencap59212 screencap210749 fluttershy202947 rainbow dash223995 rarity173742 bird7370 parasprite2000 pegasus257143 pony882881 unicorn285066 comic:friendship is dragons1508 swarm of the century652 basket2781 bouquet883 comic103318 dialogue60958 eyes closed84057 female1285793 flower23430 flying35570 mare439304 scared9732 screencap comic4333 smiling224423


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