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Commission for @PSkillengton
suggestive173165 artist:anthroponiessfm1955 oc837395 oc only615097 oc:pestyskillengton201 oc:sylvianote6 anthro316100 3d104203 adorasexy11422 anthro oc34167 book39349 breasts343675 busty pestyskillengton50 cleavage41024 clothes559874 cute236577 female1604816 females only15148 heterochromia7483 long socks325 miniskirt5770 plaid skirt725 pleated skirt4299 school uniform8416 schoolgirl2072 sexy38075 skirt48065 socks81955 source filmmaker59256 thigh highs48901 thighs22427 zettai ryouiki2104


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@Background Pony #2BFC  
When many think the pair believed to forget their panties when they are praying for the wind gods to create a gust which lifts the pair’s skirts to have them fighting with the skirts hoping a crowd didn’t have a view of their lady bits.
Background Pony #2BFC
(After using her phone to contact her mysterious Pegasus friend, she and Pesty walked towards the pervy stallions, swaying their hips side to side as they walked)
Pesty: Hello, boys%. Nice day we’re having, isn’t it%?  
Boy 1: Uh…yeah?  
Boy 2: Of course! We were just waiting for the Summer breeze to uuuhhh blow our troubles away?  
Boy 1: Yeah, yeah! That’s it!  
Both Girls: (giggles)  
Sylvia: Careful what you wish for, boys%! You might just get it%.
(And with that, Sylvia whistled for her Pegasus friend who was hiding in the clouds. The Pegasus mare then jumped off the cloud and flew near behind Pesty and Sylvia. A strong gust of wind followed her and blew up the two Earth mares skirts.)
Both Girls: Oh~!  
Both Boys: (gasp)  
Pesty: Whoa, that friend of yours sure is fast, Sylvie%! I can’t seem to get my skirt down%!
(Pesty used only one hand to cover the back of her skirt, leaving her front in full view for the two colts to see.)
Sylvia: I knooooow, right%! Well, at least you boys seem to like it%. She pretty much does this to every mare in the school, ya know~?
(Sylvia also used one hand to cover the front of her skirt, leaving the back of her panties in full exposure. She turned around so that the naughty colts could get a better view.)
Both Boys: (gasping excitedly) Thank you, Celestia!  
Both Girls: (giggles) You pervs~!
Background Pony #2BFC
Sylvia: You’re wearing your usual black bikini panties, or did you decide to go red, instead?  
Pesty: That depends. You think this Pegasus friend of yours will blow up my skirt, first~?  
Sylvia: Maaaaaybe~_!?  
Pesty: Then, I am wearing my usual black, thank you for asking~.  
Sylvia: Really~?! Well, I am wearing white lace, today.  
Pesty: Ooooh, those boys are in for a show, noooow~!
Background Pony #2BFC
OC 1: Look, girl! Those boys over there are staring at us~!
OC 2: They’re probably waiting for the wind to blow up our skirts, to have a peek at our panties~.
OC 1: Well, we do kinda have our hands full, and we are already outside%! Ya got any pegasi friends to…“help” us with this dilemma?
OC 2: Ooooh, I think so%!