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Page 351 – Miniature Mayhem

Author: Spiffy

Actors’ Note: "All of us at Ask-The-Toy-Box were happy to provide a guest comic, but Anguirus is the true fan and it was he who insisted that we go all out with this.

"If you want to see more of us or ask any questions you can visit our blog at ask-the-toy-box.tumblr.com.

"Thank you and I hope you all have a nice day."

DM: Welcome back everyone, I see you all brought your own snacks this time.
Rainbow Dash: It’s better this way Mr old timey rock candy!
DM: What’s wrong with rock candy?
Rainbow Dash: Nothing, if you’re fifty.
DM: Anyway, did you all get a chance to paint your miniatures?
Twilight Sparkle: I did, it was neat, but man are those stripes in her hair hard to paint!
DM: Holy cow that’s glittery!
Fluttershy: Did I do a good job? I can try again if you want.
Rarity: I found it quite fun, so much fun in fact that I went out and bought a bunch more and painted them differently… just in case Rarity needed to disguise herself.
Applejack: I had to have my sister paint mine, I ain’t no good at that sorta thing. And I still haven’t found a tiny cowgirl hat for her yet.
Rainbow Dash: Dash looks awesome! I gave her a sword to make her 20% more badass!
DM: You can not have an energy sword!
Rainbow Dash: Awww man!
DM: Alright, that’s everyone, let’s get started!
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