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ABStain Yourself

"Seriously? He’s not only out of our league, he’s NOT EVEN PLAYING THE GAME ANYMORE."

"Aw, c’mon, we can still appreciate the finer things in life. Like how fine those abs are. MMPH!"

"He’s gonna have some questions if he sees us staring at his abs with our face red. Can we please move on to something else?"

"Sure, those shorts ain’t leaving much to the imagination, so we can just direct our attention down-"


Hopefully, Shining doesn’t notice or mind the staring, because Dreamy can’t think straight right now.
suggestive (112898)artist:frist44 (1167)shining armor (20064)oc (524180)oc:dreamy daze (79)anthro (200300)pegasus (187419)unicorn (202500)abs (7513)armpits (35482)bench (1845)blushing (153549)blushing profusely (1208)canon x oc (18684)clothes (354991)crotch bulge (3535)devil horns (313)dialogue (50539)gay (22698)halo (1221)hiding erection (114)male (257308)males only (2801)nipples (118845)nudity (294244)partial nudity (12873)sexy armor (356)shipping (164121)shorts (10269)shoulder angel (155)shoulder devil (166)skittle nipples (67)spread wings (40895)sweat (19839)tail (14718)tail pull (1801)topless (9374)water bottle (328)wingboner (7271)wings (52764)

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Feathercutie~ ❤
S-Silly pony, he’s the Prince of Love…you only n-need to ask… ;3

Be warned though, if Miss Cadance finds out…she will demand a three way. X3
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Dortigaunt the Invincible
JESUS FUCKING GODDAMN SHIT-EATING CHRIST!! 8O Dreamy Daze,if you ever read this,know that you have more willpower than I do!I’d be begging as much as I possibly could to Shining to let get a taste of that S.S.S.S.!
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