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Page 419 — Blood From Stone

At time of writing, I've got 9 guest pages delivered for the upcoming break, and at least two more promised. If I get 5 more pages delivered, I won't have to change the update schedule around. That'd be ideal, certainly, but what happens happens.

Also, if you missed the last Fallout is Dragons update, here's the link.

Rainbow Dash: So, what brought on all… this?
Pinkie Pie: Hmph! Like you don’t know. I bet they never stopped complaining.
Rainbow Dash: Complaining? About your session? It was awesome! They really liked it!
Pinkie Pie: They’re just saying that!
Rainbow Dash: They’re going behind your back to say NICE things?
Pinkie Pie: Well… They… It doesn’t matter! I am not going back until I’m a perfect DM!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, see, I can kiiinda get that, but… With THESE guys?! They suck! They’re terrible players!
Rocky: Hey! Say that to my face, chump!
Rainbow Dash: Who’re you callin’ chump, chump?! …Oh, for Pete’s sake.
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