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The pants were originally going to be something like this but patterns are a pain in the arse so I just slapped a single Sonic head on instead. Oh well.

There’s no context here, beyond the fact that it’s loosely based on a story I wrote [nsfw] but even that isn’t the same context or universe, so really all I stole was a vague concept, from myself. If you want any context, he’s too lazy to go upstairs. There.

EQG proportions really show themselves as different to normal humans when you attempt normal human poses and they turn out wrong thanks to EQG having longer legs than normal humans, and while it’s not as extreme for guys as it is for girls, there’s still enough of a difference that the pose took way too long for what is very simple in the end.

Piss effects are hard, and laggy. Well the blurs are the laggy part, and the fact that I sue so many of them to get a layered effect. Bu also liquids in vectors are just hard in general. I try to do what I can. I think it’s decent enough, but I’ll definitely be doing more. Also this background isn’t new but the vector I originally made it for was not this.

Also this is more than likely safe, if you find issue with that rating, maybe look at wetting, safe and tell me I’m wrong.
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