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Please nobody remove the shipping tags here. I’m the editor of this image and I intended it to be shipping.
safe (1461985)edit (103508)edited screencap (47119)editor:undeadponysoldier (923)screencap (180720)spike (70071)starlight glimmer (39386)twilight sparkle (265913)dragon (40455)pony (727204)unicorn (216986)friendship is magic (2301)the cutie re-mark (2906)caption (15123)female (788862)friendship throne (621)heart eyes (12151)image macro (33584)in love (162)male (268149)mare (353134)meme (74470)patrick star (261)pretty (638)reference (3288)s5 starlight (1035)shipping (168868)smiling (189066)smirk (9567)smug (4333)sparlight (512)spongebob squarepants (2408)straight (112047)stupid sexy starlight glimmer (433)text (42311)the spongebob squarepants movie (101)unicorn twilight (8793)welcome home twilight (122)wingding eyes (16663)

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Spike shipper
Titanimal wasn’t involved with this okay so his tag doesn’t belong here.

Just letting you all know alright.

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