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Look at Starlight and Sunburst welcoming Luster Dawn. They’re like "Welcome home. Another chapter of your life starts here now."
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Maybe they did. If you saw the future Cake twins, they were adults already. The time skip could be 20-25 years. Its also possible that Pinkie and Sugar Belle may not have had babies until much later. I don’t believe Luster’s their kid either but the writers made it easier to assume she is the daughter of Sunburst and Starlight.
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All the other character’s offsprings are fillies, Luster Dawn is pretty much a mare already. It would only make sense for her to be the daughter of Starlight if she and Sunburst fucked right after the 25th episode’s ending lol. But what I’m saying is that Luster Dawn being this old doesn’t fit the narrative of offsprings if you consider her the Starlight’s daughter
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The current translation of the ep gives no indication of Luster’s parents – SG/SB or any other pairing otherwise.

Only thing is that her name fits the "gifted unicorn" line of "<some time of day> <a synonym of shiny>" – Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Luster Dawn.
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Awww, in this case I really would have liked to see an in-story confirmation rather than an ambigous but happy ending like Shy and Discord’s (I think they really nailed this last case: after all, a mortal and a god’s relationship leaves many questions open).

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