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Twist became Snails!
safe (1502749) screencap (187023) aquamarine (143) blancmange (13) bon bon (15123) boysenberry (157) diamond tiara (9368) little red (139) lyra heartstrings (26948) peach fuzz (219) silver spoon (6003) sweetie drops (15098) train tracks (character) (184) twist (2720) earth pony (172997) pegasus (213235) pony (779913) unicorn (234014) the last problem (3177) spoiler:s09e26 (3414) female (827020) flying (31977) male (282203) mare (375575) needs more jpeg (1322) older (20991) older aquamarine (16) older bon bon (23) older boysenberry (8) older diamond tiara (576) older little red (12) older lyra heartstrings (23) older peach fuzz (13) older silver spoon (528) older train tracks (character) (5) older twist (74) stallion (82814) walking (3717)


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If they really wanted to highlight the passage of time and the assention of a science nerd to power, then all the houses would have unsightly TV antennas.
Background Pony #4FDB
This feels like the phineas and ferb episode Act your age, which feels like last episode mzterial since that was the last chronological episode.