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Yep this was also edited with permission, pretty much klavinova the original artist just doesn’t want traces but an edit like adding a character he says he is perfectly fine with adding another character or screen cap to the image.
safe1576325 artist:thepianistmare212 edit117760 edited screencap56124 editor:undeadponysoldier1053 screencap199461 spike74873 oc605430 oc:klavinova326 dragon48221 earth pony199349 pony846355 the crystalling2009 bathroom1842 bathtub1540 brushing teeth87 canon x oc22041 caption19232 claw foot bathtub321 cute177554 female899932 happy27660 image macro35718 implied colgate4 male305777 mare415875 music notes2971 rubber duck466 sink446 spikenova23 straight121750 text51142 toothbrush718 toothpaste236 towel3269


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