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Yep this was also edited with permission, pretty much klavinova the original artist just doesn’t want traces but an edit like adding a character he says he is perfectly fine with adding another character or screen cap to the image.
safe (1456866)artist:thepianistmare (201)edit (102774)edited screencap (46627)editor:undeadponysoldier (898)screencap (179874)spike (69889)oc (538874)oc:klavinova (314)dragon (39835)earth pony (157483)pony (722428)the crystalling (1984)bathroom (1520)bathtub (1286)brushing teeth (77)canon x oc (19260)caption (14918)claw foot bathtub (217)cute (153619)female (784150)happy (24624)image macro (33549)implied colgate (4)male (266614)mare (350102)music notes (2571)rubber duck (409)sink (361)spikenova (22)straight (111695)text (42093)toothbrush (674)toothpaste (223)towel (2936)

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