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Phew, got so many layers in that my computer was getting slow. Anyhow, exhausted for now, I will work on the background later.
safe1597239 artist:silvertongue44 fluttershy201069 equestria girls184659 equestria girls series29574 adorasexy8643 beautiful4985 beautisexy525 breasts248603 busty fluttershy15521 clothes418552 cute183051 dress40511 feet36013 female1270545 flowing hair89 geode of fauna1492 graceful77 lidded eyes27593 magical geodes7532 majestic651 nail polish7055 open mouth127046 raised leg6909 sandals3909 schrödinger's pantsu301 sexy25773 shyabetes12150 simple background353345 solo990150 standing10645 standing on one leg427 toenail polish519 toenails578 toes5697 transparent background183099


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Young Leosword
This rendition makes Fluttershy look old enough to say “how do you do, fellow kids”… Why am I hard? XD
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@Background Pony #BE8D
Thanks for the praise! To be honest, when I started out I had absolutely no clue that the flowing dress was going to turn out like that, but then one thing led to the other and I found myself pleasantly surprised at how I managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. It honestly is my favorite part of the picture. I keep on coming back to zoom in on the folds and wondering what I was on.
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Background Pony #9D6C
This is the PERFECT picture of Fluttershy! The pose is graceful, majestic, sexy, adorable, and just down right HOT! The emotion on her face something to blush for, as her lidded eyes are saying "I'm sexy, adorable, and a brony magnet, and you know it. The way her dress flows is just gorgeous! Imagine encountering her, exactly like this, in a beautiful forest, with the sun peaking through the trees and shining on her! This picture PERFECTLY displays The Angel of Equestria Girls!

Fluttershy: Awwww, sweetie! hugs and kisses me on the lips
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