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Background Pony #8CD
@Background Pony #884E
that statement is taken out of context …
they never said they are a "gay couple" just a couple can mean many things …"two individuals of the same sort considered together"
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Background Pony #8CD
I guess nobody will say anything about it?
well I think this would not have come so far if it wasn’t for the fandom

In the first movie for me these 2 only represented that there could be a beautiful friendship between Two person of different social groups, athletes and nerds, in the scene where everyone helps each other. Of course, that didn’t stop fans from sending these 2 boys, there are memes and fanarts from them since 2013, just as such they didn’t have a name, so many images were lost there.

what happened like lyrabon the writers noticed this and took the opportunity to put scenes in the background that only they could notice until it eventually became more popular until we got here …

my conclusion the fandom made these 2 gays … like Tweek and Craig episode basically. this is bad? … maybe not but fans should take into account the power they have when it comes to influencing a series that is not really aimed at us.
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Comments62 comments posted