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From source

Learning languages with friend is super fun!
White pegasus is my OC — Silver Beam, and the unicorn is an OC of a friend of mine

An old drawing~

VK.com description:
"A little sudden sketch)
We learn languages with bro from France. He learns russian, I learn french
Very convenient way)"

VK.com source
safe1751020 artist:inowiseei270 oc712223 oc only465644 oc:silver beam3 oc:sofi11 pegasus309318 pony1011022 unicorn342489 book34538 bowtie10638 chest fluff41231 coat markings5434 cute205748 cyrillic2624 duo64778 female1402315 french915 glasses64705 glowing horn20538 horn77705 leaning3733 magic75406 male388177 mare502383 mouth hold18076 ocbetes5665 paper3312 pencil3776 russian4635 simple background409315 sitting65611 smiling261117 socks (coat markings)3210 stallion115787 telekinesis28741 tongue out108300 white background102521


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