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1080p link in the source.
safe (1458707)artist:luzion (22)artist:shinodage (969)editor:luzion (25)derpy hooves (46373)oc (539936)oc:apogee (598)oc:daisy cutter (16)abuse (5642)animated (86185)awesome face (241)cute (154017)dancing (7009)dancing apogee (12)emoji (649)freaks (timmy trumpet) (1)meme (74370)musical instrument (6025)pmv (280)seizure warning (2904)sound (5225)timmy trumpet (1)trumpet (238)trumpet boy (9)webm (7825)


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #F55F
I’m sorry, but how is that abuse? Sure the song is called freaks but I don’t think Apogee is calling her that. Right?
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Cobalt Comet
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Equestria Daily Blogbat
Probably one of the best things I’ve seen on this site. 10/10, would will put on repeat.

The song, though memetastic, is genuinely catchy af.
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