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Page 549 — Down With the System

When it comes to scheming in progress like this, I remember the Fallout is Dragons group being kind of notorious for dragging out the planning into insanely long arguments. But nowadays they're familiar enough with each other that they just kind of go ahead instead of arguing it out, which is an improvement.

Do you have any stories about "growing up" out of unhelpful RPG habits over time? Either you, someone else, or a campaign group as a whole?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Ooh! And then she’s all like “Your Princess is displeased!” and she goes:
(Luna creates a storm and berates the townsfolk using the Royal Canterlot Voice)
DM: Woah, woah. Cancel Nightmare Night forever if they don’t appease her??
Twilight Sparkle: We want scared kids, not crying kids.
Pinkie Pie: No no no, I mean she implies it, not outright says it! …Do you think you could pull that off?
Rarity: An impassioned monologue with anti-consumerist subtext? That, I could do in my sleep.
Pinkie Pie: Uh… So yes?
safe1613712 artist:newbiespud1347 edit122928 edited screencap59182 screencap210566 alula590 berry punch6223 berryshine6215 big macintosh27067 carrot top5219 cherry berry1949 dinky hooves4237 dizzy twister1006 golden harvest5219 goldengrape609 lemon hearts2006 lyra heartstrings28389 meadow song506 minuette5531 noi604 orange swirl1006 piña colada399 princess luna95422 raven644 sassaflash869 sea swirl1457 seafoam1457 sir colton vines iii609 sunshower raindrops2270 twilight sparkle288040 alicorn205654 earth pony215324 ladybug570 pegasus256619 pony881339 unicorn284456 comic:friendship is dragons1506 luna eclipsed1438 angry24957 background pony9618 background pony audience343 bedsheet ghost128 cloak3937 clothes425182 comic103222 crying40970 devil horns439 dialogue60885 ethereal mane6952 eyes closed83932 fake beard287 female1284462 flying35526 glowing eyes10317 grin34541 hat79389 helmet9888 hoof shoes4531 horned helmet284 lightning2922 looking up14792 male343117 mare438746 night24186 raised hoof40651 scared9709 screencap comic4329 smiling224126 space helmet136 stallion97575 star swirl the bearded costume312 starry mane3555 stars14255 unicorn twilight14313 viking helmet196 wizard hat870


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