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A collaborative effort between my friend Midnight flyer and myself to pay homage to the show, its creators and staff. It been a wild ride and I'm so proud to have been apart of it all.

1080p Link in the source.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Heres my shameless Youtube channel plug: Lucid Unrest
safe1583319 artist:alex di stasi12 artist:alfa995194 artist:flyer1 artist:jan509 artist:kanashiipanda585 artist:lumineko2731 artist:luzion22 artist:petirep308 artist:shinodage1117 artist:stormxf3122 edit119315 edited screencap57120 editor:flyer1 editor:luzion27 screencap205638 amethyst star2324 angel bunny9391 apple bloom46757 applejack159576 berry punch6131 berryshine6123 big macintosh26671 button mash3804 carrot top5163 cheerilee9383 clever musings131 daisy2266 derpy hooves48132 diamond tiara9663 discord28822 flower wishes2135 fluttershy199390 gallus5957 golden harvest5163 granny smith5040 huckleberry314 limestone pie4628 lyra heartstrings28035 marble pie6008 maud pie11783 minuette5430 night light2020 november rain509 ocellus4669 octavia melody22562 pinkie pie204096 princess cadance30546 princess celestia89676 princess flurry heart6364 princess luna94118 rainbow dash220548 rarity170746 sandbar4787 scootaloo49028 shining armor21666 silver spoon6160 silverstream5416 smolder6842 snails5103 snips4018 sparkler2174 spike74349 sweetie belle46580 twilight sparkle283342 twilight velvet3842 twist2743 yona4550 oc607008 oc:apogee813 alicorn198929 beaver199 bird6941 dragon48740 duck1230 earth pony204823 griffon24377 hippogriff8441 pegasus246175 pony853996 unicorn272678 fanfic:my little dashie333 mentally advanced series154 rainbow dash presents262 a canterlot wedding2483 boast busters1028 fall weather friends670 friendship is magic2572 it's about time685 lesson zero1334 luna eclipsed1401 magical mystery cure2151 my little pony: the movie18019 school daze2613 sonic rainboom (episode)943 the best night ever1234 the cutie re-mark3017 the return of harmony1498 three's a crowd1223 winter wrap up976 yakity-sax708 animal3506 animated92750 apple farm30 armor21767 background pony9436 backpack1723 canterlot5168 canterlot castle1863 captain hook the biker gorilla41 castle of the royal pony sisters690 cloudsdale1201 colt13280 colt big macintosh58 cute180548 cutie mark41903 cutie mark crusaders18090 dragoness6913 end of ponies765 female1163259 filly59743 filly applejack423 filly fluttershy557 filly rainbow dash1108 filly rarity303 filly twilight sparkle2475 friendship student1435 future twilight1011 glass of water106 helmet9619 jack black28 jewelry52835 magic66398 male308705 mane seven5921 mane six29629 mare425541 meta16095 nostalgia87 pie family273 pinkamena diane pie18223 pmv281 ponyville5154 regalia16879 royal guard7009 royal guard armor690 sans (undertale)437 shyabetes11890 sound7248 sparkle family102 stallion93940 student six1454 the ride never ends287 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115977 twilight sparkle's cutie mark7 twitter3153 undertale1615 unicorn twilight13555 wall of tags2514 water11605 webm10777 wings80666 younger15533


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Background Pony #192F
day one, wars begun cmon on johnny get yer gun

FiW and Rainbowdash Presents/Mentally Advanced is the best