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safe (1431393)screencap (175182)applejack (148082)fluttershy (184418)pinkie pie (189298)rainbow dash (204178)rarity (157870)spike (68676)twilight sparkle (260984)alicorn (164160)dragon (37902)earth pony (148889)pegasus (188698)pony (699967)unicorn (204190)the last problem (1450)spoiler:s09e26 (1526)alternate hairstyle (21318)bags under eyes (1326)best friends (535)clothes (356382)coat (2001)crown (10857)eyes closed (68121)eyeshadow (10512)female (761969)flying (30021)folded wings (3221)freckles (20570)granny smith's scarf (36)grey hair (145)hoof shoes (2864)jewelry (39259)makeup (14125)male (258645)mane seven (4835)mane six (26550)mare (336427)older (18634)older applejack (191)older fluttershy (182)older mane 6 (64)older mane 7 (29)older pinkie pie (185)older rainbow dash (204)older rarity (192)older spike (3728)older twilight (465)ponyville (4351)poofy mane (29)princess twilight 2.0 (563)raised hoof (32157)regalia (12398)royal advisor (16)scarf (17497)skunk stripe (205)smiling (183646)spread wings (41138)time skip (37)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102420)uniform (7678)wings (53316)wonderbolts uniform (4910)


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7 comments posted
My guess is that the staff was still iffy because of the age gap, despite pushing Sparity throughout the majority of the series. Still, a time skip would have been the perfect way to showcase them finally becoming an item.

Part of me thinks they want to leave things open for a ’Like Fine Wine’ scenario to happen between them.
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megadrive's avatar
my only question is why the fuck did they not?! they did lyrabon and appledash was also implied, why not the ship that they themselves set up since the beggining of the goddamn show?!
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@Background Pony #6555
Yeah, the staff knows how big Sparity is in the MLP shipping community, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was deliberate. Hell, they’ve already started placing Rarity and Spike side-by-side in a lot of scenes in the past couple of seasons.
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