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What is Austria Tales?
I come from Canada and recently married HoxieRedhoof. He is from Austria and we decided that it was the best financial decision for me to move overseas to Austria.
This is an artistic diary of various things that happen in our lives in our relatively small town. Click here to see all of the Austria Adventures Series
Ah theres always something nice about the peace and quiet you get in the tub. The water hugging you with it's warmth, and you all to yourself.
I have a bad habbit of bathing for at least an hour usually, I blame Lush products lol…

I was just in the bath other day and I wanted to have a go at trying to depict the feeling.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

This image depicts just how one feels when lying weightless in a hot herbal bath: pure bliss and a cleared mind. So that needs to be said.