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suggestive (115631)artist:ceitama (56)applejack (149693)rainbow dash (206124)equestria girls (162437)accident (972)blushing (156735)desperation (601)embarrassed (8967)implied fluttershy (436)implied sunset shimmer (258)implied twilight sparkle (1343)incontinence (22)japanese (7097)need to pee (833)omorashi (807)pissing (2963)potty emergency (420)potty time (1048)social media (33)sweat (20305)translated in the comments (2220)urine (5448)wetting (958)

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4 comments posted
Background Pony #2CD3
That’s kind of a messed up thing for AJ to do to her. Ah well, knowing Dash, she probably deserved it.
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Posted by: Applejack
"Yee-haa! Everybody look! Rainbow Dash peed herself!"

Liked by: Pinkie Pie (and 123 others)

Sunset Shimmer: "Crazy"
Fluttershy: "It’s cute"
Twilight Sparkle: "LOL"
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