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safe1691406 artist:madmax1667 fluttershy211114 pegasus285897 pony953128 artifact1119 blue background4990 colored19285 crossover61701 cute197646 dalek283 dawwww496 doctor who3542 duo59797 female1349318 flying37684 food69154 kaled mutant2 kettle118 mare473659 shyabetes13573 simple background388317 tea3027


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
During a full-scale invasion, the self-monitoring routines of a Dalek's cortex vault are set to detect compromised Dalek units and swiftly… eliminate the error. Any absence of frothing reactionary hatred, or an emerging idea of another life form as "cuddly" is considered especially poisonous, and will be erased after precisely eight rels — faster even than your racist uncle or a Daily Mail comment section.

Does the self-destruct unit of this era's Dalek troopers still use flesh-boring brain worms held in stasis [turn to page 115], or will Fluttershy manage to evade a 295th Century thermal consciousness imploder [turn to page 62]?