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Page 749 — Rings of Icarus

Man, look at that page number. That's almost three-quarters of a thousand right there. That's insane, isn't it?

Right about now will be where I enter crunch time for the revival of a special project. Here's hoping I make my deadline on this attempt.

Twilight Sparkle: Looks like it's Fluttershy. She's trained in Heal, and has the highest bonus.
Fluttershy: I-I do?
Rainbow Dash: Sweet! And you probably get a bonus due to both of you being pegasi.
DM: That's… the ONE time that sort of bonus-fishing actually applies. Well done.
Pinkie Pie: You heard it, Thunda! Get over to Fluttershy and get yo'self checked befo' you get yo'self wrecked!
Thunderlane: What? No, I'm fine! It's just a cough!
DM: …Ow.
Rainbow Dash: That's an order, rookie! Health and safety first! On the double!
Thunderlane: Okay, okay, I'm going…
Applejack: You do realize that's gonna be banned after tonight.
Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah. Definitely.
safe1557174 artist:newbiespud1274 edit114801 edited screencap54087 screencap195393 applejack157383 blossomforth1337 crescent pony162 derpy hooves47949 dizzy twister946 fluttershy195929 lightning bolt813 mane moon163 orange swirl944 pinkie pie201546 rainbow dash217383 sassaflash807 silverspeed80 sunshower raindrops2196 twilight sparkle280063 white lightning812 earth pony191495 pegasus233069 pony828348 unicorn258439 comic:friendship is dragons1432 hurricane fluttershy871 background pony8932 background pony audience333 baseball cap1677 blowing whistle115 cap3572 comic100210 dialogue58958 eyes closed78575 female881418 flying33792 freckles24810 glowing horn16211 grin32267 hat75204 hooves16180 horn40731 levitation10344 looking up13788 magic64635 male299674 mare405196 nervous4923 onomatopoeia3126 open mouth120640 raised hoof38494 scared9133 screencap comic4112 smiling210727 spread wings46881 stallion90601 telekinesis24149 tree26921 unicorn twilight12338 whistle1089 wings72377


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