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safe (1526962) artist:vito (398) cozy glow (5403) fluttershy (193006) pegasus (223073) pony (801805) /mlp/ (8822) 4chan (5993) a better ending for cozy (87) alternate hairstyle (23071) brush (1596) brushie (585) brushing (377) cozybetes (602) cute (168115) drawthread (1936) female (851681) filly (56935) gradient background (10284) mare (390174) messy mane (6648) wavy mouth (3184)


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@Smart Heart
It goes further than DHX I'm afraid. Remember Diamond Tiaras' redemption? The writers had plenty of more stories to make regarding our favorite little gem-cutter but Hasbro said no to it. Then there was Princess Luna, Hasbro refused to have Luna anywhere in Season 1 in any capacity on the belief that she was the main villain of the series due to Nightmare Moon: despite the simple fact that Lunas' redemption was the main focus of the pilot episode of the series. This is why we didn't get to see Luna at all until Season 2 Nightmare Night episode.

DHX was too restricted by Hasbro long before Cozy Glow came into Season 8.