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safe (1427181)artist:vito (367)cozy glow (4165)rainbow dash (203636)pegasus (187502)pony (694866)4chan (5505)a better ending for cozy (33)alternate hairstyle (21250)belly button (59635)cozybetes (353)cute (148138)drawthread (1415)duo (39065)female (758443)filly (50397)mare (334324)/mlp/ (7886)one wing out (196)preening (564)prone (20442)sitting (46003)wings (52781)


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Background Pony #BEBE
@Background Pony #8800
Basically that dash ripped cozy glow wings off and I agree but throwing a filly in Tartarus was going way to far and they gave her no chance to be redeemed I think this is better than the Cannon ending
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Even as an adult, Cozy never forgets her six "aunts" who saved her from herself, making time every week to visit them. She strove to never disappoint them and bit-by-bit redeemed herself, never again falling to the darkness that marred her fillyhood.
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With rainbow dash preening cozy glow’s feathers on her wing when the chance cozy glow returns the favor and preens the feathers on rainbow dash’s wing.
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