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Page 794 — Dark Horses, Mission 14

Author: ChrisTheS

Guest Author's Note: "Those of you who've read my comic will recognize the unfortunate red pony in panel 2. Don't worry, GM fiat decrees she'll live to be unceremoniously bonked on the head another day.

"Characters from 'Star Mares':

DM: With the navigational data you obtained form under the Imperial Palace on Canterlot, you are able to track where Dark Feather's flagship will rendezvous with the factory ship, the Hock Hammer.
Spring Clean (Pinkie Pie): Anything I can loot in—?
DM: The cargo hauler you stowed away in is mostly full of heavy machinery and raw materials. Nothing really portable.
Cookiecutter (Twilight Sparkle): Finding red keycards isn't much of a challenge anymore.
DM: I'm starting to feel sorry for that NPC…
Spring Clean: Can I loot—?
DM: She's not carrying anything else of note.
Gracenote (Rarity): Would that trick Wind Whistler used to disable the doors on the Nightmare Moon work against these robot troopers?
DM: You don't know enough Binary to be able to fully override their systems, but I'll say you remember enough that most of your bard powers should work.
Cookiecutter: I'm beginning to miss being a wizard…
Maple Leaf (Fluttershy): More jumping puzzles? I'm not good at these in video games either.
Gracenote: You're trained in Acrobatics. Why not take Skill Focus next level?
Maple Leaf: I dunno, I was thinking of taking Sneak of Shadows…
DM: Why not just rebuild as a rogue, since you never use your powers anyway? I'll even let you treat frying pans as Sneak Attack weapons, considering your cutie mark. With a mechanical groan, General Rom Hock's armor collapses.
Cookiecutter: And there was much rejoicing.
DM: And just in time: in only a few minutes, the sequencer charges will go off, putting an end to the Dark Hoofer project once and for all.
Gracenote: We hurry to the shuttle bay.
Spring Clean: Can I—?
DM: sigh Yes, you can loot him first.
safe1617983 artist:christhes148 oc628687 oc:cookiecutter4 oc:gracenote38 oc:maple leaf71 oc:spring clean4 earth pony216751 pony885531 unicorn286165 comic:friendship is dragons1511 derpibooru6923 arc hammer1 armor22368 artificial wings1409 augmented2207 bucking919 collaboration4998 comic103459 credits609 crossover59341 dark forces1 dark trooper1 darth vader294 dialogue61093 executor1 female1287939 fight5892 frown21854 glowing horn17752 guard1128 gun15095 helmet9916 horn52461 implied fluttershy536 implied pinkie pie657 implied rarity982 implied twilight sparkle1704 jumping3124 juxtaposition4700 juxtaposition win3399 laser883 looking back52088 mare440290 mechanical wing577 meme79670 meta16233 onomatopoeia3595 raised hoof40850 saddle2019 scared9756 space4765 spaceship747 spread wings49746 star wars3038 stars14305 super star destroyer2 tack4076 unamused14675 weapon28484 wide eyes16368 wings88277


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