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The Sparkle family X The Berrytwist family
safe (1456808)artist:徐詩珮 (5556)edit (102770)fizzlepop berrytwist (6290)glitter drops (4064)night light (1786)princess cadance (28563)princess flurry heart (5651)shining armor (20348)spring rain (3528)tempest shadow (12253)twilight sparkle (265181)twilight velvet (3494)oc (538846)oc:aurora (tempest's mother) (15)oc:betty pop (760)oc:bubble sparkle (46)oc:eany sparkle (32)oc:fire shadow (38)oc:sparkle rain (24)oc:spring legrt (189)oc:storm lightning (295)oc:transparent (tempest's father) (8)oc:twilight star (7)oc:vesty sparkle (142)alicorn (169678)unicorn (214665)broken horn (10129)brother and sister (2912)cousins (490)crown (11349)family (3599)family photo (279)father and daughter (1945)father and son (683)female (784112)glitterlight (560)glittershadow (3580)grandfather and grandchild (62)grandmother and grandchild (155)grandparents (50)half-siblings (539)horn (28442)jewelry (40784)lesbian (83981)magical lesbian spawn (8670)male (266604)mare (350085)mother and daughter (4337)mother and son (2227)multiple parents (94)next generation (5479)nightvelvet (265)offspring (29428)older (19684)older flurry heart (660)parent:flash sentry (2245)parent:glitter drops (1048)parents:flashlight (1939)parents:glitterlight (10)parents:glittershadow (956)parent:spring rain (528)parents:sprglitemplight (44)parents:springdrops (286)parents:springlight (36)parents:springshadow (436)parents:springshadowdrops (150)parents:tempestlight (370)parents:tempgian (41)parent:stygian (71)parent:tempest shadow (1694)parent:twilight sparkle (6390)polyamory (4189)regalia (13024)shiningcadance (2207)shipping (168190)siblings (4107)sisters (6154)sparkle family (95)sprglitemplight (540)springdrops (2480)springlight (680)springshadow (3168)springshadowdrops (2398)straight (111693)tempestlight (1554)twilight's castle (2890)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104913)

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3 comments posted
Background Pony #A9D3
@Background Pony #678B
Betty, Legrt, Lighting, Fire, and all redesigns please?

都已經重新設計hairstyle,加了Twilight’s kids (GlitterLight and SpringLight,TempestLight).
你覺得對SprGliTempLight is best ship ok?

因為Flash已經死了,Tempest是跟Stygian離婚,Tempest,Twilight and Tempest’s old friends已經已婚,Vesty and Firey的媽媽發現生了很多女兒是Betty,Legrty,Stormy,Twilight star,Sparkle Rain,Eany。

所以Flashlight and Tempgian改變SprGliTempLight.

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