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The Sparkle family X The Berrytwist family
safe1617215 artist:徐詩珮9016 edit123185 fizzlepop berrytwist9039 glitter drops6136 night light2107 princess cadance31103 princess flurry heart6650 shining armor22097 spring rain5583 tempest shadow16174 twilight sparkle288507 twilight velvet3990 oc628253 oc:aurora (tempest's mother)77 oc:betty pop771 oc:bubble sparkle232 oc:eany sparkle34 oc:fire shadow40 oc:sparkle rain27 oc:spring legrt196 oc:storm lightning306 oc:transparent (tempest's father)34 oc:twilight star9 oc:vesty sparkle145 alicorn206409 pony884994 unicorn285882 broken horn13221 brother and sister3814 cousins634 crown15175 family4171 family photo318 father and daughter2363 father and son834 female1287382 glitterlight2203 glittershadow5302 grandfather and grandchild78 grandmother and grandchild212 grandparents68 half-siblings570 horn52337 jewelry55416 lesbian91931 magical lesbian spawn10843 male344392 mare440052 mother and daughter5409 mother and son2734 multiple parents325 next generation5822 nightvelvet375 offspring35437 older24383 older flurry heart1193 parent:flash sentry2738 parent:glitter drops1278 parent:spring rain768 parent:stygian114 parent:tempest shadow2168 parent:twilight sparkle7683 parents:flashlight2355 parents:glitterlight12 parents:glittershadow1185 parents:sprglitemplight267 parents:springdrops511 parents:springlight39 parents:springshadow668 parents:springshadowdrops373 parents:tempestlight478 parents:tempgian43 polyamory6425 regalia17736 shiningcadance2467 shipping188565 siblings7135 sisters7915 sparkle family102 sprglitemplight2112 springdrops4136 springlight2260 springshadow4887 springshadowdrops4017 straight127998 tempestlight3506 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118464 twilight's castle3521


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Background Pony #5647
@Background Pony #678B
Betty, Legrt, Lighting, Fire, and all redesigns please?

都已經重新設計hairstyle,加了Twilight's kids (GlitterLight and SpringLight,TempestLight).
你覺得對SprGliTempLight is best ship ok?

因為Flash已經死了,Tempest是跟Stygian離婚,Tempest,Twilight and Tempest's old friends已經已婚,Vesty and Firey的媽媽發現生了很多女兒是Betty,Legrty,Stormy,Twilight star,Sparkle Rain,Eany。

所以Flashlight and Tempgian改變SprGliTempLight.

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