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Background Pony #9772
Honestly, I really like this manestyle for Cozy. It totally suits her. It also kind of reminds me of when Starlight’s manestyle changed after she reformed.
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@Beau Skunky
honestly it still bothers me that the comic did nothing with Sombra afterwards. and later on that reformation ended up proving that the comics would not canon into the show.
oh and as for cosy glow as I recall at the end of season 8 she was planning on doing the same thing again
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Passionate opinionator
I don’t read many fanfics and since everybody has their own views on every character, its hard to tell if their interpretations surpass the show writers.

@Beau Skunky
I’d like to imagine that reforming Sombra is gonna be on Equestria’s future projects years down the road.
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Background Pony #F129
Why would they hint them potentially having some sort of kindness in the Frenemies episode, only to butcher their character back to one-dimensional, power hungry villains so they can have an excuse to turn them to stone for all of eternity?

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@Background Pony #C625
No, they should be in jail. I’m not opposed to Cozy being punished, I was opposed to what the punishment WAS. An ordinary jail would have been sufficient. Why put her right next to her older, wiser accomplice? Also, juvenile crime can be a result of psychological imbalance-a result of trauma don’t believe the drug pushing Big Pharma-so I’d say our fictional Cozy and the two British boys you alluded to should be in a psych ward.
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