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safe (1430541)artist:redcrow32 (51)oc (525834)oc:filly anon (1953)oc only (364497)earth pony (148642)pony (699178)2018 (247)alcohol (5181)beer (1198)beer bottle (103)blushing (153998)blushing profusely (1212)chest fluff (25806)dancing (6861)dialogue (50711)drunk (4032)ear blush (217)exclamation point (2884)female (761187)filly (50606)glasses (47059)gray background (4982)hat (64856)hiccups (111)implied twilight sparkle (1304)new year (692)onomatopoeia (2192)open mouth (104395)party hat (1839)question mark (3538)simple background (291162)smiling (183470)table (7043)text (40674)

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