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part two: >>1926876
suggestive (113303)alternate version (24050)anonymous artist (1850)princess luna (88112)oc (526263)oc:anon (10599)alicorn (164164)human (130962)pony (699975)bedroom eyes (44433)female (761984)glowing horn (13651)horn (26360)horse sized pony (6)human male (5650)jewelry (39260)levitation (8702)magic (57676)male (258649)mare (336438)/mlp/ (7935)ponified (34324)regalia (12398)shackles (1357)smiling (183648)telekinesis (20772)tongue out (75972)

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Background Pony #D638
@Background Pony #29FD
Yep. It’s used to be Moly

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Goddess Erosia's avatar
Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
the thumbnail made me think those hands were breasts and I was very disappointed to find that this was in fact NOT the rare and elusive female anon
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