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If you want to keep the Sun, you should be the biggest princess .  
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suggestive185588 artist:discordthege308 princess celestia110454 princess luna114824 alicorn303150 anthro346416 unguligrade anthro63209 g41934444 absolute cleavage5272 bra21019 breasts376577 cleavage44912 clothes612398 earth1400 female1746374 giantess5963 giantlestia441 goddess640 hug36376 lingerie13568 macro14493 mare708113 panties61745 pony bigger than a planet587 pony bigger than a star124 red underwear1524 solo1383380 solo female225495 space6381 stockings46315 sun8927 tangible heavenly object1560 thigh highs56037 underboob4916 underwear76265


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Background Pony #9099
Gorgeous! Some really quality macro art! <333  
You can even see little Luna sitting on the moon~ u
infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
I wonder what the view’s like from the planet’s surface… I also wonder how strange this must look to a distant observer from a few thousand light-years away, seeing a large mass encircle a star.