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safe1599790 artist:baron engel1831 apple bloom47111 scootaloo49308 sweetie belle46929 earth pony210550 pegasus251882 unicorn278676 anthro236229 unguligrade anthro43538 apple15062 bow25272 clothes419403 coffee mug1143 cute183488 cutie mark crusaders18198 desk2962 female1272414 female pov695 food63045 grayscale35445 looking up14420 monochrome143723 mug3775 offscreen character30621 pencil drawing7488 pleated skirt3980 pov12804 sailor uniform667 satchel174 shoes31578 sketch58316 skirt36530 smiling220971 socks58467 traditional art110140 trio7606 uniform9588


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From the source:

"Hello Miss Cheerilee!"

The mare turned around from the chalkboard that she was writing the days lessons on. Standing in front of her desk were the CMC. They were wearing their official school sailor fuku uniforms; with both hands Applebloom held an apple up.

"I brought ya an apple!" Says the earth pony filly.

This Saturday 9/14/19 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be having a back-to-school/fall themed stream on Picarto . Hope you can make it. Class begins at 5:30pm!
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