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Unreal love

Heyyy so, I been struggling with the eqqverse a lot recently n am in real bad art block so I just smother y’all in more of my garbage OTP hah
It’s not nessecarily related to eqqverse but I still tossed the tag on bcs smooches

I generally don’t do lineart, it takes forever and I’m not good enough at it that it makes a bit aesthetic difference ? So this is probably a one-off but it’s a nice addition I think.

On more stuff about these two and my NG pop in over here:
safe (1430810)artist:eqq_scremble (85)derpibooru exclusive (20342)applejack (148032)discord (26770)draconequus (6250)earth pony (148692)pony (699372)eqqverse (31)alternate design (1623)alternate hairstyle (21302)applecord (28)beard (2660)body freckles (666)chromatic aberration (1243)colored hooves (3239)crack shipping (3195)facial hair (3906)female (761346)freckles (20554)kissing (20120)male (258444)mare (336003)shipping (164698)simple background (291223)straight (109624)unshorn fetlocks (18640)

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