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(This continues from the original ending of the Administrative Unity, which was page 18)

An old enemy is returning to power to threaten Equestria once again. Now the fate of these lands fall upon the new fusions/alicorns to lead the nation and virtually the world against this darkness. How will the new royalty tackle these impending problems and threats while maintaining peace over their dominions.
This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!!

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safe1613704 artist:xjenn9fusion93 oc625748 oc:aerial agriculture50 oc:earthing elements55 oc:king speedy hooves289 oc:tommy the human440 alicorn205654 pony881335 comic:fusing the fusions187 comic:time of the fusions61 alicorn oc23584 alicorn princess314 canterlot5350 canterlot castle1963 child1888 colt13707 comic103222 commissioner:bigonionbean1706 dialogue60884 father and son832 female1284456 fusion4783 fusion:aerial agriculture51 fusion:earthing elements55 fusion:king speedy hooves290 grandparents68 hat79388 hugging a pony103 husband and wife1344 kissing23016 magic68318 male343114 mare438742 nuzzling3744 royalty1059 stallion97574 writer:bigonionbean1437


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Emu War veteran..
Never heard of that comic, but I don't think the concept of magic and the human body was thought of like that when I wrote it.
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