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-Even through the apocalypse, you can’t kill the Boof.
A random gifart for Slipstream
safe (1430536)artist:agent-diego (1)oc (525832)oc:littlepip (3461)oc only (364493)oc:slipstream (234)pegasus (188424)pony (699173)unicorn (203813)fallout equestria (13619)boofy (99)bottle (2978)clothes (356122)fanfic (9579)fanfic art (11379)female (761183)glowing horn (13629)gun (12375)handgun (1928)hooves (14705)horn (26301)levitation (8693)little macintosh (469)magic (57603)male (258383)mare (335930)mosin nagant (60)optical sight (896)pipbuck (2926)raised hoof (32126)revolver (1322)rifle (2953)scope (185)sparkle cola (121)spritebot (52)stallion (73121)standing (8256)telekinesis (20741)tongue out (75886)vault suit (2895)vending machine (182)wasteland (1029)weapon (22864)wings (53184)


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Background Pony #1784
Pulls out console Command and deletes Boof Error: Entity.Boof.Exe does not exist

what? dies instantly to boof
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