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A paid commission for , where she requested a drawing of her siren and pony couple. This was traditionally drawn, and then digitally drawn in MS Paint, where it was then put into paint dot net for touching up and finishing.

No base was needed. This was a blast to draw, and it so cute ahhhh-
Characters belong to Drawing belongs to and created by Me
safe (1430526)artist:angelofthewisp (59)earth pony (148641)pony (699165)siren (1849)undead (810)zombie (1806)zombie pony (342)bone (1929)bring me the horizon (170)clothes (356110)commission (40724)curved horn (4672)fangs (17756)gay (22728)glow (3349)happy (23891)heart (37903)horn (26299)kellin quinn (144)lip piercing (748)long sleeves (198)male (258378)nuzzling (3343)oliver sykes (138)piercing (28436)ponified (34287)rainbow blood (80)shipping (164667)shirt (17219)simple background (291158)sleeping with sirens (148)smiling (183463)tattoo (3780)transparent background (152014)


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