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Epic Pie Time
Alligator Tub Productions
Published on 7 Jan 2012
The greatest taste calls for the greatest ponies in the greatest kitchen.


Producer and Audio: Robert Knorr

Music by Andrew Stein:

Pinkie Pie voiced by Brittany Lauda:

Rainbow Dash voiced by Erica Mendez:

Written by: Robert, Andy, Evan, and Brandon

Animated by Evan Cicerkovski

This video is an independently made parody, and has no affiliation with or content that regards Hasbro, Inc.

72K likes – 4.8K dislikes
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mostly harmless
I saw Erica Mendez and Brittany Lauda credited in the thumbnail and I was like "WHOA WHOA WHOA HANG ON WHAT" but then I realized this was from waaaay back in the day, before they blew up in the anime scene – tbh to see these now familiar voices that I unknowingly used to hear all the time in animated projects now going up in the world (Erica Mendez is Emma in The Promised Neverland among many other roles, Brittany Lauda owns a goddamn voice recording studio now, and Kira Buckland a.k.a. Rina-chan a.k.a. your favorite fan-voiced Twilight Sparkle is… well, fucking Kira Buckland) is kinda awesome