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What do you all think? Was there really no point to the scene where Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis started talking about how good it felt to give instead of take?
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@Whistle Blossom
Not really. Chrysalis is aware of it, she just doesn't want to admit it. Her deteriorating pride jumped in at the last second to make her be like "Whatever! I only did this because Grogar told us too! You got that?!"

@Background Pony #4539
Maybe, but these three have already been established as characters a lot longer. They've been interesting villains in their own right. While Grogar is just another ancient threat to Euqestria. Even if they built up his character, he still has to compete with them.

Also, that would still leave these three as just acting as flunkies for Grogar, when they're all major villains themselves.
Background Pony #D001
That is subjective to whether or not these three are more interesting than Grogar. In my opinion, if they kept Grogar in the finale, that would have been the perfect time to build up his character.

@Smart Heart
I don't, and neither does the show. His actions bring dire consequences; to himself, his friends he thought he was helping, and to Equestria as a whole. He ended up losing his power and everyone he cared about because of his actions.

@Smart Heart
Discord is still thinking like a control freak. He's changed but not fully. Which led to that happening. He thought he was doing good, and helping Twilight become a better princess. But he still has a lot to learn.
Smart Heart

Speaking of subversions, where does that leave Discord? He knowingly sent three major villains out to fight Twilight knowing we’ll all three would lose. That alone proves he’s no better than those three.

@Smart Heart
Then where would that leave Cozy and Tirek? Its not fair to leave them out of the finale considering each has been a major threat on their own. Again, having all three be the main antagonists fit much better. It wasn't just one villain the heroes had to contend with like its usually been. This time its three of their past enemies come back to haunt them.

No, they looked pretty relieved when they realized they avoided succumbing to friendship. Honestly its a nice and hilarious subversion.