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Lineart for a request for mariodashrko on DA

He wants rainbow dash getting her shorts pulled down by twilight.

 "Want some more ketchup for your BUNS Dashie?" 

I said I wanted to get the grayscale lineart up before the weekend, and here it is.  From here it’s off to GIMP for color.  Not this weekend though.  I’ll more involved with moving to my new place from my old one.  After that, then I can focus on coloring this in GIMP.
suggestive (113114)artist:supra80 (245)rainbow dash (203975)twilight sparkle (260557)alicorn (163627)anthro (200684)assisted exposure (1535)belly button (59701)breasts (203655)busty twilight sparkle (9150)clothes (355790)cute (148606)embarrassed (8808)embarrassed underwear exposure (672)food (51124)grayscale (31241)hot dog (369)ketchup (228)meat (1270)midriff (16249)miniskirt (3787)monochrome (134482)mustard (112)panties (41553)pantsed (20)pantsing (164)ponytail (13180)sauce (284)sausage (370)shirt (17187)shorts (10284)short shirt (1087)side slit (1049)sketch (53249)skirt (31537)traditional art (96383)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102127)underwear (49648)wings (53053)zipper (563)


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With the sketch of twilight using her powers in a zippered skirt pared with a crop top to use magic hands to remove rainbow dash’s pants exposing her star printed panties.
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