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After claiming the magical geodes of two of the mane 7, the undead female captain noticed that her flesh was slowly returning to her long skeletal body. Her clothes regenerating along with her flesh. However, as she is under the influence of equestrian magic she will not revert to her pre-curse self but instead regenerate into an alternate form as usual.
semi-grimdark28094 artist:newman13446 oc618053 oc only413320 human145374 undead1637 equestria girls185696 amputee4315 bone2751 breasts249873 female1274867 grayscale35510 magical geodes7617 monochrome143916 pencil drawing7494 pirate2319 prosthetic arm106 prosthetic limb2670 prosthetics3071 skeleton1758 solo993836 traditional art110334 villainess146


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