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After claiming the magical geodes of two of the mane 7, the undead female captain noticed that her flesh was slowly returning to her long skeletal body. Her clothes regenerating along with her flesh. However, as she is under the influence of equestrian magic she will not revert to her pre-curse self but instead regenerate into an alternate form as usual.
semi-grimdark (24305)artist:newman134 (44)oc (523640)oc only (363184)human (130490)undead (795)equestria girls (159220)amputee (3414)bone (1918)breasts (202836)grayscale (31205)magical geodes (5442)monochrome (134296)pencil drawing (6497)pirate (2118)prosthetic arm (87)prosthetic limb (2024)prosthetics (2360)skeleton (1380)solo (874066)traditional art (96184)villainess (84)

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