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On today's edition of "really stupid OC ideas I get in my head"

I imagine this reference guide is fully comprehensible
It'll be needed in the wake of the tons of fanart such a compelling character is sure to recieve
safe (1523861) artist:dragonpone (338) derpibooru exclusive (22997) oc (574022) oc only (393689) oc:vantablack (9) earth pony (179853) pony (798744) black (220) black and white (11043) cutie mark (37956) female (848402) grayscale (33974) mare (388215) monochrome (142526) reference sheet (9963) silhouette (2262) simple background (324913) solo (937915) speech bubble (19160) transparent background (169564)


not provided yet


Syntax quick reference: *bold* _italic_ [spoiler]hide text[/spoiler] @code@ +underline+ -strike- ^sup^ ~sub~
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A Clever Message
She's a snooty, egotistical, overvalued upper-class bastard with a heart made from various molds and mushrooms growing on a bed of manure.

Now make their mortal enemy/counterpart; the charitable, down-to-earth, generally loving and just plain lovable Black 2.0.
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Can I get uhhh
What a gorgeous, vibrant colour scheme

It evokes such beautiful natural phenomena as black holes and the endless interstellar void