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Page 931 — Measure Twice

And here we are, the official beginning of an ending.

You ever start something with a clearly defined end-goal in mind but you have no idea how your players/characters are supposed to do it, so you toss in distraction after distraction hoping that by the time you've written yourself out of options, either you or they will have figured out how to end it?

I'm not saying that applies to me here (heh heh heh…), but it's an experience I have fairly often with my particular DMing style. Anyone else?

DM: PREVIOUSLY, IN EQUESTRIA… You all decided that if Rarity couldn't be a Thief of the Guild, then she ought to be a Princess. Your target: The Grand Galloping Gala. Where royalty and the most prominent ponies in Equestria spend an evening together in beautiful Canterlot. It wasn't easy getting an invitation. You were stonewalled by red tape. You were forced to become renowned in many different ways in order to get a ticket. And on some of your quests, the Thieves Guild mysteriously intervened. But that all ends now. Tonight's the night! The con is on.
Rarity: But first, dresses!
DM: …Pardon?
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